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Sunday swap shop is a success

April 7th, 2014
queue of people outside a building

An queue builds before the opening of Sunday’s swap shop

Carpet rolls, ceramic ornaments and a camp bed were all items donated to Sunday’s Sustainable Witney swap shop – and then taken away by new owners. The purpose of our swap shops is very simple: stop potentially useful things going to landfill. Lots of people on Sunday took the opportunity for a clearout, bringing piles of different things to the event at Cogges Farm. We weighed everything to measure just how much was being diverted from landfill, then laid it out on tables divided by category: clothes, books, toys and so on.

We counted 130 people through the door, mostly arriving with bags of unwanted items and then leaving with new finds. (You don’t have to bring anything to a swap shop to take things away, though; you can just turn up and take anything you need.) We weighed nearly half a tonne of donations and only 6kg of that went to landfill. Electrical items that failed our PAT checks were taken to the WEEE bins at Dix Pit so that the components could be  reused safely, while usable items such as clothes, books and bric-a-brac were donated to the Africa Appeal shop on Monday morning.  The only items that went to landfill were two old pieces of carpet and some polystyrene that couldn’t be recycled.

While the swap shop was going on, Edible Gardens ran a gardening workshop using tools that had originally been thrown away. They also ran a seed swap where gardeners could share unwanted seeds. After the gardening tools had been used in the demonstrations they were given away, escaping landfill for a little longer.

Our next swap shop will probably be in the autumn. If you register for our updates, you’ll be one of the first to hear about it.

This blog post was edited on 8th April to correct a misleading sentence that seemed to imply we sent electrical items to landfill.