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Tis the season to get crafty

December 19th, 2014

cork snowmen on craft tableChristmas is a time for giving…but also for making. That’s why Sustainable Witney had a stall at the Cogges Winter Fayre, where we demonstrated different ways to get crafty at Christmas.

Over 40 children came to our stall over the course of the day to make their own Christmas tree decorations. The snowman option (pictured) was particularly popular. The bodies of the snowmen are actually made from wine corks painted white, so if you want to try this at home you might have to open a bottle! As an alternative, some children wove mini-baskets out of paper.

Another way to get creative at Christmas: not with the actual gifts, but with how you wrap them. Shiny wrapping paper is very difficult to recycle, which means it’s not a very sustainable choice. We were demonstrating the Japanese art of furoshiki, which basically just means wrapping gifts in cloth rather than paper. It’s not as difficult as it sounds but it looks very impressive – and it’s easy to find inexpensive scarves in Witney’s charity shops at the moment. If you’re intrigued by the idea and you missed our demonstration, there are instructions online.  If you find the concept a bit daunting but you want a more sustainable alternative to shiny paper, why not try plain brown wrapping paper from the Post Office? Or even wrapping gifts in newspapers or magazines?

volunteers at the stall holding up scarvesOur busy day also involved giving out paper copies of the Green Travel Map for West Oxfordshire and signing people up to get their houses thermal-imaged. On breaks from the stall, the Sustainable Witney volunteers also found time to browse the rest of the fair and do a little Christmas shopping. Our thanks to Cogges Farm for organising such a well-run Christmas event and giving us the chance to be part of it.

SW at the Cogges Christmas fair

September 20th, 2014

Sunday 7 December sees the Cogges Christmas fair, and Sustainable Witney will have a table there.

Along with our usual information, leaflets etc. we’ll be hosting sustainable Christmas decorations! More on that closer to the time.