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Witney’s Bee World

May 25th, 2014

Last June, we held a successful Bee Cause Campaign meeting jointly with Friends of the Earth. Now, a site at Deer Park in Witney has been designated as one of FoE’s national “Bee Worlds“.

The site is managed by Witney Woodland Volunteers, and many local volunteers have since been busy preparing the ground for sowing the special bee-friendly wildflower seed, sent courtesy of FoE, along with a plaque to install at the site to mark its importance to the campaign to save our bees. I’ve also written to David Cameron, informing him of what is happening and inviting him to come and see for himself. His Diary Secretary is working on the possibility of a visit.

On the wider scale, following pressure from FoE and others, the Government has developed a National Pollinator Strategy. It remains to be seen whether this will counteract the loss of habitat, use of pesticides, monocultures, pests and diseases and climate change with which bees have to contend. In the UK we have over 250 different species of bee and we want them all to survive and flourish.

5 myths about bees – busted

June 20th, 2013

Here we present five common myths about bees… and why they’re wrong!

“Bees make honey…”

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2013: the year of the bee?

June 17th, 2013

We recently gave three ways you can help to save the bees. But why are they in so much danger? And why should it matter to us?

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Please spend a few minutes to help save our bees

June 11th, 2013

Last Thursday, Oxford Friends of the Earth came to talk to Sustainable Witney about the problems facing our bee population. The bees need your help, and below are three things you can do, from the quick and simple to the more long term, to support our bee pals.

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