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Swap Shop at Cogges

February 20th, 2012

A barn, a cafe, 173 people and 476kg of goods were the basic ingredients for this, our third Swap Shop.

With the Corn Exchange closed we had to find a new venue and we are delighted that Cogges offered us an alternative. The barn was a lovely venue, very rustic and a lots of space.

Of the 476kgs of goods brought to swap only 4.1kgs ended up going to landfill. What happens to the other items that are left at the end? Well, leftover electrical items go the WEE bin at Stanton Harcourt Pit, Oxfam take the leftover fabric, and the rest goes to the charity shops in Witney. But the vast majority of the other 472kgs – books, clothes, dvds, videos, garden furniture, tents, phones, games, toys, rucksacks, toiletries, kitchen equipment, TVs, computer equipment – has all been given a new lease of life with new owners.

Crucially the Green Cafe was very popular again. It’s the cafe which makes the Swap Shop self funding by covering the cost of hiring the hall, or in this case the barn. It created a lovely atmosphere with tablecloths, Fairtrade cups, cakes, coffee and tea. Also some very tasty egg & cress and ham salad rolls made with bread from the Oxford Bread Group.

We also had Love Food Hate Waste and the Pudding Pie Cookery School giving out free recipe books and demonstrating simple recipes all morning. They braved the cold just outside the barn and the food was delicious, especially the dutch version of bubble and squeak made with kale and mashed potato. 28 people signed up to the Love Food Hate Waste Pledge.

As well as the 173 swappers that made it a success, we always have a great group of volunteers there from 8am setting up tables, labelling, weighing and arranging the goods into easy to follow categories. Also, Barry Clack of Witney TV came along to film us setting up and find out what else Sustainable Witney is getting up to.

Witney Swap Shop and cafe

January 23rd, 2012

At Cogges Manor Farm, on Saturday 18 February.

  • 9am onwards: drop items off
  • 9am – 1pm: cafe open
  • 10am – 12 noon: take items away

What’s a swap shop, I hear you ask? Bring what you like; take away what you like, for free; no obligation to bring, before you take. That way we reduce the amount going to landfill, clear out your clutter, and everybody wins. Check out the blogpost for more information, but also:

We need your help! Can you provide us with:

  • Water carriers
  • An urn or two

? If so, we’d love it if you would email us to say so!

Put up a poster! You can download and print a PDF of our poster; or if you need a printed copy, just ask.

Witney Swap Shop and cafe returns in February

January 23rd, 2012

If you find your house full of clutter you don’t want after the festive season, you’ll be relieved to hear that we’re running another swap shop and cafe on Saturday 18 February. A swap shop lets you bring whatever items you no longer need in your house, and then take away things you think you might be able to use, for free! Donations are welcome, though, and the cafe will be running all day.

This time we’re holding it at the lovely, roomy buildings of Cogges Manor Farm, which is either a lovely five minutes’ walk across fields from the town centre, or a drive round to the car park at the end of Cogges Hill Road, depending on your preference. We’ll be taking over the barns on the corner and running the cafe from there too.

There’s no obligation to bring items, but you can do so from 9am on the day, and the cafe will be open 9-1pm. Doors are fully open for people wanting to take items 10-12 noon. A summary is are available on the event page.

The cafe also needs your help: don’t worry, you don’t have to bake any cakes (although, if you’re offering….) There’s an up-to-date list of things we need here: mostly urns and water carriers for the cafe. If you can help, please do get in touch with Brigitte.

Swap Shop Venue Closed

November 16th, 2011

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After two very successful Swap Shops recycling Witney’s secondhand goods in the Corn Exchange, Sustainable Witney are currently without a venue for our next one on 18th February. Although SW haven’t been contacted by the Public Halls manager to say that is the case, the Town Council press release gives no indication when the Corn Exchange will reopen.

It’s an excellent town centre venue for the Swap Shop and has been perfect for our public meetings too. The fact that it’s central, has all the bus services stopping just across the Market Square, has cycle parking, and is fully accessible for people with disabilities makes it our first choice.

It’s also very versatile. In addition to the two meeting rooms, the main hall with its stage and retractable, tiered seating is ideal for both entertainment and markets. Not to mention the projector room used by the popular independent cinema Screen at the Square.

It’s not clear at the moment why problems with heating and ventilation have crept up on the Town Council and caught them unawares. Hopefully this is just an aberration.

In the meantime you can show your support for a resolution to this situation by signing the petition and following the campaign to Save the Witney Corn Exchange.

Swap shop this Saturday, Corn Exchange

August 30th, 2011

Witney’s Corn Exchange plays host once more to the Green Cafe and Swap Shop, this Saturday 3 September in the Corn Exchange. The Green Cafe will be stocked with fairtrade tea and coffee, home-made cakes, and rolls made with home-baked bread.

The idea of a swap shop is that we want to minimize the amount of stuff that might otherwise go to landfill. So you should bring anything you think someone might use, but which charity shops probably wouldn’t accept! Also, anyone can take anything away that they want. There’s no obligation to bring before you take, although if you’re taking a lot of items we’d appreciate a donation to running costs.

Last time we ran a swap shop it was a tremendous success. We had over 300 visitors, and we processed half a ton of swaps. Of all the donations made to the swap shop, over 97% of the goods were passed on, with only 12.5kg or 2.5% going to landfill.

If you want to empty out your loft or garage, and donate to a good cause; or if you’re looking for a few odds and ends to help with home storage or a DIY job, or even toys for the kids; or if you’re just after a good fairtrade cuppa while you shop, then you should come to the Green Cafe and Swap Shop this Saturday in Witney’s Corn Exchange. Bring 9am-11am; take 10am-12 noon; food and drink 9am-1pm.

Green Cafe & Swap Shop

August 22nd, 2011

Green Cafe and Swapshop @ The Corn Exchange, Witney on Saturday 3rd September. Cafe 9-1pm. Swapshop: bring 9-11; Take 10-12. Fair-trade drinks, cakes and gifts. Oxford Bread Group providing local, heritage grain, filled bread rolls. And Sustainable Witney will be running a Green Surgery. Come and meet like-minded people and discover: Living Streets, Bicycle User Groups, 20's Plenty etc. More details: ring the cafe on 01993 709596, or the swapshop on 01993 700837.