About us

Sustainable Witney is a local group promoting locally sustainable lifestyles. That means helping people live in ways which will have a minimal impact on both the wider environment but also the quality of their local public spaces. It’s been formally registered as a Community Action Group since 2010.

The group organises regular events, including swap shops and speaker events about upcycling, car clubs and other subjects; it conducts surveys both with questionnaires and technology like thermal cameras; and works with local councils at all levels to prioritize sustainable urban development and services.

The committee

Our committee members from February 2016 are listed below. Ordinary members are not appointed to a position, but help out with specific projects and attend committee meetings.

Chair Katharine Mann
Secretary Vacant
Treasurer Dale Hoyland


Ordinary members


Jenny Guildford


Kevin Hickman
Heather Cronley

(By the way, if you think we’ve left you off this list, then do let us know. We’d rather avoid signing you up to something by mistake!)

Want to help?

All our members are volunteers. You can help too: by coming to one of our events, helping out at an event, or even volunteering to support the committee more frequently – whatever you feel comfortable with! If nothing else, then do register to get SW news from this website.

If you want to get in touch for any other reason, then contact us here!

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