Request free thermal imaging of your house to see where heat is escaping

November 27th, 2015 by Katharine Mann Leave a reply »

Would you be more likely to get round to putting up foil behind your radiator or insulating your house if you could actually see the heat escaping? That’s what thermal imaging does – it takes a temperature-sensitive picture of the outside of your house, so you can see where your home is losing heat.

Sustainable Witney have borrowed a thermal imaging camera from West Oxfordshire District Council. If you live in Witney and want to see if your house is losing heat then our free thermal imaging service might help. To request thermal imaging of your house please email your name, address, postcode and your contact details to the Thermal imaging team

We’ll take thermal images of the outside of your house when the weather conditions are dry and cold and invite you to a feedback session in March 2016 where we’ll show you your images and explain the results.

The pictures below show a solid wall/single brick house before and after using radiator foil. See the red patches below the upstairs windows shows heat escaping and how this has improved in the second image after radiator foil has been installed.


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