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Woodford Mill Lighting Petition

September 24th, 2015

WitneyBUGBadge2014If you haven’t seen it or signed it yet you have until tomorrow to add your name to the petition calling for solar lighting on Woodford Mill meadow.

Better still, do it now!

The path from West End to Mill Street has an unlit section of 100m which makes the path unusable for many people – personal security is a major issue here in the winter, as is running into people or being run into by people you can’t see and who can’t see you.

Whether you walk or bike, be part of the change and sign today!


Autumn Swap Shop

September 23rd, 2015

This Sunday 10am to 12:30pm 27th September at Cogges Farm Barn


Witney Bus Services Threatened

September 12th, 2015

Version 2

The following bus services serving Witney are under threat: 18, 19, 213, 214, 215, 233, V1, V24, V26, X9 and X15.

From the Bus Users Oxford website

“Nearly 10% of buses in Oxfordshire rely on County Council subsidy. The County intends to reduce or end subsidies from June 2016. Its “preferred option” is to end all subsidised buses in peak hours, evenings and Sundays. But it is also considering an option to end all subsidised buses, including off-peak Monday to Saturday services.”

If you or a relative rely on any of these buses and would like to see them continue you have tomorrow and Monday to let Oxfordshire County Council know why that service is important to you.

You’ll find an online form to give your response towards the bottom of this consultation page.

Syria’s Climate Conflict

September 5th, 2015

Trying to follow what is going on in Syria and why? This comic will get you there in 5 minutes.


This image is an excerpt from the comic linked to above at Upworthy. Written by Audrey Quinn and illustrated by Jackie Roche it looks back at the underlying causes of a people fleeing their homeland.

Even amongst researchers critical of linking war and catastrophes to climate change, Syria is considered an exception:

“I have tremendous respect for the authors of the recent study of violence in Syria,” Solow says. “But given the history of Syria and the region generally, I find it hard to believe that, but for the drought, this violence would not have occurred.”

There is a Refugees Welcome event taking place in Oxford tomorrow at 3pm.


Refugees Welcome – Oxford

September 5th, 2015
Refugees Welcome – THIS SUNDAY, 3pm, Broad St, Oxford (meet on steps of Sheldonian)
Since the war in Syria began, over 4 million refugees – caught between the deadly barrel bombs of the Assad regime and the criminal brutality of ISIS – have been forced to leave their homes. While Germany has offered to take 800,000 refugees, the UK has ‘opted out’ of its EU responsibility to take care of some of these desperate refugees. Instead, our politicians seem to debate only how best to keep them out.

We reject the miserly and inhumane attitude of the UK government. We are determined to do our bit, and show our support for our fellow human beings caught up in Europe’s greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Like the marchers on the streets of Vienna and Dresden over the last week, like the football fans on the terraces at Borussia Dortmund, like the residents of Iceland offering to host refugees in their homes, we as residents of Oxford say: Refugees are welcome here!

We are Oxford citizens, from all backgrounds, all walks of life, all political views, all faiths and none.
Please join our demonstration this Sunday with only one message: “Refugees Welcome”

Please bring banners and placards that share this message of support and welcome for refugees.
This will be an entirely peaceful demonstration – children are of course very welcome.

See you on Sunday!

Organised by Oxford citizens