You could volunteer for thermal imaging!

February 12th, 2015 by J-P Leave a reply »

We’ve run a longstanding project to thermally image people’s homes (this is its third season) and we’d like new volunteers to be a part of the team. Could you help others reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty?

Over winter, usually in November and February, we accept requests to photograph the outsides of people’s houses, looking for heat escape that might indicate something they can improve in their property. By March this year we’ll have visited over 200 houses, and we hope to have given extra in-person advice to around 80 of those householders.

Interested? You’ll need to have several evenings free in November and February, to spend 2+hrs walking around Witney estates with another volunteer. Good photographs are strongly dependent on clear, cold, dry, not-windy weather, so you might need to be on email at fairly short notice when the weather forecasts come out. You’ll be given training in using the camera and advice on how we as a group usually use it.

The more volunteers we have on a roster, the simpler it gets to find enough evenings where at least two are free. So we’d love it if you could contact us, or come along to the feedback meeting on Tuesday 10 March to see what it involves.


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