We’re surveying people’s houses for energy efficiency: interested?

November 12th, 2014 by J-P Leave a reply »

thermal image of a terraced houseThe Sustainable Witney Thermal Imaging Team (not as grand as it sounds) is back out on the streets these dark evenings, surveying the houses of Witney residents who’ve signed up. And if you haven’t done so yourself, then here’s why you could benefit from a thermal imaging survey.

Images like the one on the right can make it clear to an expert exactly whereabouts on your property you’re losing heat: and having to pay both in terms of cash and also long-term environmental damage for it! They can check if your existing insulation measures are sufficient, and also if you need any other improvements to your house.

If your property is surveyed by us, or if you’ve any questions generally, you can come along to a meeting in March at Woodgreen, and get advice from such an expert!

Interested? Email thermalimaging@sustainablewitney.org.uk with your address and postcode and we’ll try to fit you in. Please note that we’re volunteers with limited time (and the imaging is very sensitive to weather conditions), but we’ll do our best!


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