Community path petition handover

September 22nd, 2014 by Kate Griffin Leave a reply »

Hands up who would like a safe, off-road walking/cycling route between Eynsham and Botley. If you put your own hand up, you’re in good company; 4,000 people have signed a petition created by local group Bike Safe for a path running between Eynsham and Botley, via Farmoor. At the moment, cyclists have to use th B4044, which means sharing a single-track road with double-decker buses.

Eynsham to Botley is only 5km, a comfortable cycling distance, but many people are put off by the density and speed of the traffic (the speed limit is 50mph). So they get in their cars, contributing to the motorised traffic on the road, which contributes to putting off potential cyclists, and so on. That vicious circle could be ended by the provision of a safe, convenient alternative route. That’s why the B4044 community path campaigners will be handing over their 4,000-signature petition to Councillor Ian Hudspeth on Wednesday (24th September).

Cllr Hudspeth will be cycling from Eynsham to Hill End Centre before the petition is formally handed over. The campaigners are looking for as many people as possible to escort him and show support for the campaign. All are welcome. The ride will assemble at the junction of Orchard Road and Eynsham Road at 2pm before riding to Hill End. The ride should only take five minutes (see route). They still need at least 30 more cyclists to make the escort really special – can you join them? If so, please email as soon as possible.


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