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plastic-free-july-logo-straight-lgeWe’re now a week away from the end of Plastic-Free July 2014, and maybe you’re feeling a bit demotivated. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at The Non-Plastic Maori, a blog chronicling a Maori woman’s efforts to live without plastic. Her challenge isn’t just for July; it’s for the whole of 2014. Why is she doing it? In her own words:

SO… primarily – I want to explore the experience of living for a year without purchasing any new plastics. I’m doing it to highlight how very dependent we’ve become, but also to demonstrate that we CAN make personal choices that will minimise our own plastic waste production. If we were to demonstrate this in greater numbers – we would not only contribute to a better environment but would also present pressure upon suppliers to utilise non-plastic alternatives – making non-plastic alternatives more accessible for others – See how it works? It begins with a few who refuse to believe that it’s too hard to do.

It begins with a few who refuse to believe that it’s too hard to do. If you’ve stuck with Plastic-Free July this far, that includes you. You probably won’t have removed single-use plastic from your life completely, but you’ve become part of a movement questioning our dependence on it. The moments of inconvenience and the moments of “failure” are part of the work of highlighting something that was invisible. Well done.


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