Plastic-Free July 2014: Day 1

July 1st, 2014 by Kate Griffin Leave a reply »

Welcome to Day 1 of the plastic-free challenge! The first day can be the most eye-opening, as you do a mental audit of just how much plastic you normally use. Kake from Croydon did an interesting “diary day” a few weeks ago, noting down all the plastic she uses in the course of a typical day. If anybody from Witney would like to do their own “diary day” for Plastic-Free July, we’d be happy to publish it as a guest post on this blog.

Kake says in her “diary” that taking a hard look at the amount of plastic in her life made her feel despairing before 8:15am.My own eye-opening moment happened on Day 1 last year, when I was on my way to buy milk and agonising over the choice between a plastic bottle and a Tetrapak. (The latter is only 25% plastic, but mixed materials require more energy to recycle.) En route to the supermarket, I popped into the card shop to buy a birthday card – and only realised hours later that the card was encased in disposable plastic. That’s when I realised how many things come in plastic wrapping that’s intended to be thrown away a few moments after you purchase the item. (We’ll be asking some hard questions about why things have to be that way, as well as blogging handy hints for avoiding single-use plastic in your daily life.)

But Day 1 can also be the most satisfying, as you find creative ways to reduce the plastic you consume. How are you finding it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.



  1. Kevin says:

    I started with my tube of toothpaste this morning…

    “What do we want?”
    “Recyclable packaging!”
    “When do we want it?”
    “2020? Really? In another 6 years time?”

    Another link I followed in google suggested I wash out the tube and buff it up with a lint free cloth to ensure it might be accepted as Low Density Polyethylene.

    So I said: “Oi! Colgate! No!!! Sort out your packaging. NOW!”

    Not the best start to the day,
    An Exasperated Environmentalist.

    • Kake says:

      I’m using Lush “toothy tabs” instead of tube toothpaste during July, but I’m not convinced I’ll stick with them long term. They’re quite expensive, and a bit of a faff to use.

      Whatever happened to tooth powder in tins?

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