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June 11th, 2014 by Kate Griffin Leave a reply »

Many of us have thought about trying to reduce our carbon footprint, but given up because we don’t know where to start:

“What kind of changes should I be making to my lifestyle?”
“Will reducing my carbon footprint mean compromising on other things that matter to me?
“Which changes make the biggest difference?”
Why should I be reducing my carbon footprint anyway?”

You can get answers to all these questions (and more) through Carbon Conversations, a series of group meetings taking place in Witney this summer for the third year running. The idea behind it is simple: give people a supportive, non-judgemental space to talk about climate change and what it means to them. If you’re dithering about how to do your bit to prevent climate change, feeling guilty about not doing enough or feeling totally clueless about what it all means, Carbon Conversations is for you.

Essentially, it’s about having a chat. But unlike a regular chat with your friends, the group meetings are led by trained facilitators. You get a handle on the concepts involved through activities such as games and timed discussions. The groups are small and friendly and there is zero preaching or judging. You’ll learn the basics of climate change and get practical no-obligation advice on reducing your own carbon footprint.

The first Carbon Conversations meeting for 2014 starts on Thursday 26th June. There are still two places left in the small group; if you are interested in joining, please contact us.

The full list of dates is as follows:

Thurs 26th June
Thurs 10th July
Thurs 24th July
Thurs 7th August
Thurs 21st August
Thurs 4th September

This blog post was edited on 13th June to reflect a change in the meetings schedule.


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