Stop littering: put a net on it!

April 2nd, 2014 by Kate Griffin Leave a reply »

recycling box with net on top of the lidIs your street a mess on bin day? Windy weather can blow the lids off recycling boxes and strew the contents everywhere. If your recycling is blown around the street, it won’t get collected as recycling, so it’s very important to try to secure your recycling box as much as possible.

To help with this problem, West Oxfordshire District Council are offering free nets to stretch over the top of your recycling box, either over the lid or instead of a lid. These will help the contents of the box to stay inside until it’s time to be collected.

Next time you’re in Witney town centre, you can pick up a recycling-box net free from the district council “shop” on Welch Way, or you can order nets by calling 01993 861000.

If you believe that your street is particularly bad after recycling collections, please contact the council and they may be able to offer some extra help.



  1. Dale Hoyland says:

    This is a really good point: the windy weather always seems to pick up on recycling day! In the stormy weather we had in February and beginning of March, the recycling bins where I live in Witney were blown all over the place, and on several occasions I went around gathering plastics, papers (including bank statements and all sorts of letters with addresses on!) that had blown around and re-filled a couple of my recycling bins having been emptied.

    Nets are useful, as is a spare stone from your garden, to help lids stay in place and keep the environment free from the litter that you’re trying so hard to do the right thing with and recycle!

    If you prefer to do things online, you can order replacement recycling bins, lids, nets, food caddies etc from the WODC online ordering form at:
    (you might need to copy & paste the above into a new tab).

    Keep up the excellent recycling rates in West Oxfordshire all! Remember also that to reduce packaging in the first place is even better :)

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