Are Home to School transport proposals unsustainable? what you can do

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Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) is consulting on new Home to School Transport Proposals that aim to remove many school bus routes. OCC plans to drop support, presuming that bus routes will be replaced with less efficient, more congesting private motorized transport.

This could lead to increased congestion and emissions across the county, as many more car miles are generated on the school run every day. Campaigners at the Oxon School Bus Action Group have also identified some of the more damaging aspects of these proposals. Environmental impacts through increased emissions and congestion are not even mentioned in the Draft Service and Community Impact Assessment that OCC have provided for these proposals, but it’s clear there’s likely to be serious environmental impacts from these proposals.

The real irony is that OCC is a member of the Oxfordshire Environment Partnership, which has committed to a 3% year-on-year reduction in carbon emissions. But local academic Professor Angus Wilkinson suggests that:

… [A simple estimate suggests that these Home to School Transport proposals could at a stroke lead to a 2.5–5.6% increase in emissions, compared to OCC’s total net emission in the 2010/11 base year.

If this is true, then at a stroke, the county council are proposing to ruin their own commitments to a sustainable future.

So what can you do? Here’s a few things:

At a time when the county is once again facing ruinous floods, an indirect result of climate change; and when many Oxfordshire towns are already congested or even ruined by excess private transport: these proposals seem to be the exact opposite of anything that the council should be suggesting. So whatever you can do to help out will be appreciated!


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