Let us take a heat-picture of your house

November 13th, 2013 by Kate Griffin Leave a reply »
Thermal picture of a house

Thermal image of a home in East Oxford, by kind permission of the homeowner.

Most of us know our house could be better insulated. Would you be more likely to get round to it if you could actually see the heat escaping? That’s what thermal imaging does – it takes a temperature-sensitive picture of the outside of your house, so you can see where your home is losing heat.

For example, this picture shows that the brickwork around the window on the left is letting more heat out than the window on the right. It also shows that the loft insulation must be good because there is no heat escaping from the roof. Would you like to see what your own home looks like in a thermal image?

Sustainable Witney volunteers have use of a thermal imaging camera this month (borrowed from West Oxfordshire District Council) and we’re carrying out free surveys throughout November. You won’t need to puzzle over the results yourself – we’ll have a public meeting on 11 March 2014 where you can get an explanation of your images (just like the one we held last year). It doesn’t matter whether or not you own your home – the important thing is that you live there and want to keep warm with lower fuel bills!

You can sign up by emailing us with your full address. As ever, we’d like to remind people that we’re just a small group of volunteers and that the weather conditions have to be right for the imaging to work. This puts a limit on how many houses we can do. But the sooner you get added to the list, the sooner we can get round to you. And if you know someone who you think might be struggling with fuel bills, please tell them about this free service and suggest they get in touch with us on thermalimaging@sustainablewitney.org.uk.


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