Five reasons to switch to Ecotricity

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Been meaning to switch your household energy to a green supplier? Here are five reasons to switch to Ecotricity as soon as possible.

Electricity will probably be cheaper than your current tariff. Ecotricity used to price-match the standard electricity tariffs of the six biggest energy companies in the UK. Now it’s going one better: it’s promising to undercut the standard electricity tariffs of the “Big Six”.  How? Well, Ecotricity has invested in green energy to the point where around 40% of the energy supplied to customers is actually generated by Ecotricity projects. That means it’s less vulnerable to shocks in global wholesale energy prices. Most UK energy customers are still on a standard tariff, which means the majority of people could save on their electricity bill by switching to Ecotricity.

When you phone them, you get through to a human straight away. Ecotricity doesn’t have call centres as such; when you ring them (on 08000 302 302) you’re basically ringing the office. There aren’t any targets about handling call volumes and the person who answers the phone is empowered to actually make decisions, offer information and generally handle your query in the way they think best. This revolutionary approach – treating staff and customers like human beings – results in nine out of ten queries being dealt with in a single call.

They’re top of the league for customer service. For the past three years, energy regulator Ofgem has required energy companies to report the customer complaints in a way that can be compared. Ofgem don’t publish these results – that would be too easy! But Ecotricity does publish them, in its annual reports. And guess who’s been top of the customer service league table for the past three years? You guessed it: Ecotricity.

They’re top of the league for green investment. This is another area where nobody else is compiling the figures, making it tough for consumers to compare. But Ecotricity does; you can see the numbers at Obviously it takes time to get a renewable energy project going, so it’s not helpful just to look at short-term data. But over the nine years that Ecotricity has been recording the figures, a pattern is clear: most of the big names in energy are spending a tiny fraction of their profits on renewables investment. You might expect British Gas parent group Centrica to be a bit rubbish (0.1p per £1) but even green supplier Good Energy is only spending 4.3p per £1. Co-operative Energy and Green Energy UK are even worse, spending precisely 0p on renewables projects. Ecotricity comfortably tops the table with a spend of 50p per £1.

They’ll help Sustainable Witney – or the charity of your choice. When you switch to Ecotricity and quote the code SUSW1 , Ecotricity will give a £50 donation to Sustainable Witney – at no extra cost to you. We’re a volunteer-run organisation with low overheads, but we do have some costs – like venue hire when we run events such as ReFashion or swapshops. Money from people switching to Ecotricity allows us to cover those costs and keep our events free.

So what are you waiting for? Ring 08000 302 302 and switch today! (And please quote the code SUSW1 too.)


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