Recycling VHS Tapes

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A few weeks ago on our Facebook page I asked the question what can we do with old video tapes? If you don’t want to weave with them it seems the safest thing to do is to donate them to a Salvation Army centre. I wanted to know what happened to them next and here is the answer (many thanks to Sian Stokes from WODC for finding out for us.)


When we receive the VHS cassettes they are removed from their cases, paper to one bin, case to another. The VHS cassettes themselves are stacked in cubes. 2622 VHS’s per cube weight approximately half a tonne. See attached picture, a cube being made up in the foreground other cubes at the back.

The cubes are sent to Singapore where they are dismantled by hand.

  • The outer cases will be made into such things as garden furniture.
  • The Film is heat treated and will become amongst other things floppy coat hangers for children’s clothes.
  • The white plastic cogs are valuable in their own right as there is a healthy market.
  • Similarly the aluminium pins are sort after as a precious metal and so again have a value.

Paul Ozanne
Salvation Army Trading Company Limited

Alternatively the WODC ‘media bank’ on Woodford Way accepts them.


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