Refashion: recycle, upcycle or gift your old clothes

July 20th, 2013 by J-P Leave a reply »

Refashion is back! On Saturday 16 November, Sustainable Witney and WODC (among many other groups) will be hosting this year’s event in Witney.

Refashion is a celebration of all the ways you can do something better with your clothes than just throw them away: previous years have had swishing events (swapping clothes) supported by a pool of really good-quality clothes from local charity shops; repair and upcycling workshops, for making your old and maybe tatty items of clothing live again; and a presence from the charity shops, rag banks, a bra bank etc. if you just want to get rid!

Last year’s Refashion was amazing fun and incredibly successful, with attendance rivalling that of similar events in nearby cities that we won’t deign to name…. There’ll be more details on the site closer to the time, but put it in your diary now!


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