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Last Thursday, Oxford Friends of the Earth came to talk to Sustainable Witney about the problems facing our bee population. The bees need your help, and below are three things you can do, from the quick and simple to the more long term, to support our bee pals.

Many bees are endangered, facing extinction or already extinct; and if numbers drop really sharply, then in economic terms alone we face a £1.8billion bill in the UK for pollinating our fruit and veg. But worse than that, we and our children lose access to a small but important aspect of our lives, especially in the countryside. But you might ask: what can we possibly do to help?

1. Most important request: sign the Bees billboard

Friends of the Earth are planning to show our local MP (and prime minister!) David Cameron a Bees Billboard – covered with the names of Friends of Bees – in the next week or so. So it’s urgent for you to sign up so they can get it printed in time: add your name to the Bees Billboard here!

2. Ongoing request: sign up to the Bee Cause

The Bee Cause is a long-term call for the Government to introduce a National Bee Action Plan, to address all major causes of British bee population decline. To date 200 MPs have signed the Bee Cause statement of support, but it needs your signature too.

Please consider joining the existing signatories, and sign the Bee Cause yourself: the more people we get to sign, the stronger will be the case for a national strategy to help save our bees.

3. Finally, when you’ve got time: read more, and help with homes for bees

FoE have more information about what’s going on with bees: there’s also lots of resources in their Bee Cause news section. If you’re motivated to do more to help bees, then why not try one of these projects:

  • Just make a donation to the Bee Cause and get a Bee Saver Kit in return! The kit includes seeds and a guide to identifying your bees.
  • Here’s a PDF on how to make a bee hotel: alternatively many garden centres and DIY stores are selling similar nesting houses. Set them up near the ground, somewhere warm, and near bee-friendly flowers for the best results.
  • Consider organizing a local Bee World: get involved with your friends, neighbours or fellow allotment-holders, and propose setting aside some land for a bee-friendly habitat

If you want more advice on how to start one of these projects, contact Oxford FoE or Sustainable Witney and we’ll try to help you, help the bees!


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