Seeing junk differently

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Junk is just junk, right? Try telling that to Paraguayan music teacher Flavio Chavez. He’s the man behind the Melodias de la Basura, known in English as the Landfill Harmonic. He worked with a local craftsman to turn rubbish from the local tip into musical instruments: violins, guitars and flutes all made from things other people have thrown away.

A documentary is being made about the Landfill Harmonic, but it’s still in production. In the meantime, you can catch them on YouTube:

It’s the same thing, on a smaller scale, with local swapshops. People bring what they think is junk, only to find that other people can find a use for it.

The next Sustainable Witney SwapShop is on 8th June at Madley Park Hall. The event runs from 10:30am to 12:30pm, but if you’re just dropping things off you can do that from 9:30am. Car parking is free and there’s some secure bike parking too.

There’s no obligation to bring anything, and equally no obligation to take anything. Just bring what you don’t want, and take what you do. The goal of the swapshop is to keep things out of landfill by passing them on to people who can give them another life.

In the afternoon (1:30pm-4pm) there will be an upcycling workshop where we get crafty with rubbish: transforming clothes, repairing things you might have thrown away, making interesting things from old packaging and so on.

The whole event is free to enter – but if you feel moved to make a small cash donation on the day, to help cover the costs of hiring the hall, please feel free! Donations of cakes and biscuits for the cafe are very welcome too.

Hope to see you there!


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