Our thermal imaging open evening in pictures

April 17th, 2013 by J-P Leave a reply »

As Dale so rightly mentioned, our thermal imaging project was a tremendous success. We took images of around a hundred houses, and we had over half of those householders turn up to our open evening!

Here’s a few photos to give you an idea of what went on:

Katherine from SW chats to people in the queue for Dale's sage advice

Katherine from SW chats to people in the queue for Dale’s more in-depth advice

SW chair Brigitte chats to an attendee

SW chair Brigitte discusses the results of the imaging with an attendee

Noticeboard with printouts

Useful information on thermal imaging and options for insulation/improvement, for while people waited

Despite the sheer number of attendees taking us by surprise, it was still a fairly relaxed event. And as you can see, it was very informal. Because the event was run by a volunteer organization (i.e. us!) and West Oxfordshire District Council, then there was no unnecessary “hard sell” that you might get with private thermal imaging.

We’re hoping to do some more thermal imaging next winter: subscribe to our news emails and watch this space.


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