Easter Eggs

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DippyEggsWelcome to our new monthly meal suggestion using locally sourced ingredients.

Something simple to get us going, I’m sure we can all boil an egg!

One of my favourite quick meals is dippy egg and soldiers and for the past couple of years I have been getting my free-range eggs from Mayfield House in New Yatt, a short bike ride from Witney. However, if you don’t fancy the ride you can get the same eggs in the Spar shop at the petrol station on Hailey Road.

For the soldiers you can use the lovely bread on sale at Witney’s Thursday market from the Wantage based Marcopolo Bakery. I usually bake my own bread using Wessex Mill flour, also from Wantage, which you can pick up from Cogges Farm or Huffkins in the High Street. A bread machine like the Panasonic SD-255 makes it very easy indeed.

There are other local egg producers as well as Mayfield House in New Yatt, others I’ve seen just outside Witney are Southdown Farm on the way to Crawley, and another on the way to Hailey.


Mayfield House, New Yatt.


Southdown Farm on the way to Crawley


On the way to Hailey





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