February gardening events: Cogges and Edible Gardens

January 30th, 2013 by J-P Leave a reply »

They say that the best winter gardening is done by a fireside with a big mug of tea, and a pen and paper. While it’s up to each individual gardener to follow that route in their spare time, I propose that the next-best winter gardening is done by chatting and learning new skills with fellow amateur gardeners. And in Witney there are two opportunities to do that very thing in February!

First on the calendar is the local Edible Gardens group, who are meeting on 12 February. This group helps support people who: want to start using some or all of their garden space for food; are looking for spare land or someone to help them grow on the land they already have; or are just interested in sharing tips and advice about growing your own food.

The weekend after that, the farm and manor house at Cogges is opening early for a volunteer open day, on 16 February. On the same day is 2013’s first Big Dig, where volunteers all help out to plan out, and start digging on, the fine Victorian walled garden. If you’re interested in helping out at Cogges, and especially if you’d trade a couple of hours’ hard work for a share of the wisdom of all the other volunteer gardeners, then you should definitely come along.

(And if you still want that warming mug of tea to go with your winter gardening, I dare say both of these events can provide…!)


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