Excessive Packaging

January 23rd, 2013 by Brigitte Leave a reply »

Today I received my order for a cleaning product I ordered online as I couldn’t find it in any of the shops in Witney. I use the product because it cleans so many things and you only need to use a very small amount to get a good result. I ordered 6 to make it worth the trip from London but was amazed when it arrived in such a large box. Peeling away the wrapping was like the never-ending scarf trick!

The packaging consisted of bubble wrap around the containers and lining the box and then air filled plastic on top of it all. I could possibly understand it if it was breakable but the product is in plastic bottles and is a powder. It is also in a cardboard tray surrounded by plastic. I won’t name the company as I have sent a copy of this photo to see what they have to say and it is only fair to let them respond.

Why aren’t manufacturers and retailers taking some of the responsibility for excessive packaging? My new year’s resolution this year was to reduce the amount of packaging I put out for recycling by shopping more carefully and choosing goods that aren’t overpackaged where I can. However, as this shows, I don’t always have the choice.


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