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February 15th, 2012 by Susan Paice Leave a reply »

On 28th January Steve Mohamed, Michael Richards and I attended an exciting event in Abingdon called “Be the Change: Awakening the Activist Within”. Hosted by Abingdon Quakers, the day included films, workshops and action plans for the the future relating to environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment. We learned a lot about the growing worldwide movement to create a sustainable, fulfilling and just human presence on Earth as the guiding principle of our time. This movement began as a connection between Ecuadorian tribes and Californian environmentalists, which became known as the Pachamama Alliance and is now spreading to all parts of the globe, including Oxfordshire!

The three of us came away thoroughly inspired and eager to set up a similar event in Witney. To this end we’ve spoken to people in Sustainable Witney, Witney Quakers and others who are also keen to progress the idea. The person from the Be the Change initiative who ran the Abingdon event has agreed to run an event for us in Witney. So now we need to find a good venue, a good day and lots of people to come and be inspired! We hope this will lead to action groups around particular environmentally-related interests to make things happen in Witney and beyond.

We plan to hold a meeting in Witney to plan the initial event and will post details on this website.




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