Could recycling increase for the fourth year running?

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Oxfordshire looks set to have record levels of recycling. A recent press release from the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership predicts that 60% of the county’s waste will have been recycled in the year 2011/2012.

It’s an impressive milestone, but how does it compare to historic figures? The Oxfordshire Waste Partnership reports annually, and the resulting document usually has the figures in it somewhere.

Year ending Percentage recycled Reference
2008 40.3% OWP annual report 08/09
2009 43.5% OWP annual report 08/09
2010 48.7% OWP annual report 09/10
2011 55% OWP annual report 10/11
2012 >60% (prediction)

This is really something for us to celebrate: over four years, we’ve gone from 60% not recycled to 60% recycled, and that sort of sea change can only come about by completely reimagining the way we think about the waste we make and the difficulties of having to deal with it.

Well done to the council, but especially well done to Oxfordshire’s residents, who have taken to recycling like ducks to water. Oxfordshire is becoming synonymous with environmentally friendly, forward-thinking habits such as recycling and reuse. Increased recycling rates and better understanding of the benefits of reuse and recycling: that’s good for the environment, and therefore good for all of us.


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