Thermal imaging comes to West Oxfordshire

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OK, so you’ve finally fixed the dud units in your double glazing, and you’ve taken advantage of the local offers on loft and cavity insulation. You’ve got a draught excluder behind the front door and you’ve even fitted one of those brushes behind your letterbox.

It’s difficult, when you’ve made the obvious improvements, to work out what’s next on the list of fixes that can keep your house toasty and warm in winter, and cool in summer. If only you could see the heat loss from the property, as if it were a bright light shining from under the eaves; heat, like a car’s headlights, peeking out from the gap where the insulation wasn’t properly laid.

Well, thermal imaging cameras do just that: if you take thermal photographs when the house temperature is at least 10°C higher than outside, then that causes enough heat loss to be picked up by the right kit.

A professional session with thermal imaging equipment can be expensive, but you might have found yourself before Christmas leafing through a copy of the Winter 2011 edition of Creating Futures, West Oxfordshire District Council’s newsletter. And you’ll spot on page 7 the good eggs from Transition Eynsham Area advertising the very thing this blogpost is about: WODC is teaming up with groups like TEA and Sustainable Witney to conduct thermal surveys on volunteer properties around the region.

Unfortunately, demand was so high that before our long-suffering Brigitte could check her inbox, the thermal imaging was hugely oversubscribed. After all, there comes a time some point in spring – earlier than it used to be – when it’s uncomfortable to heat your house so much more more than the outside temperature. So we’ve only got till February or March to fit everyone in.

But once the surveys are done, we’ll report back here; and maybe if it’s popular enough, we’ll get another play with the camera next winter!



  1. dalehoyland says:

    The thermal imaging by the Eynsham TEA group has been hugely successful, with over 300 properties surveyed. Their public meeting to display the results to the areas surveyed is at the end of this month, and we’re hoping for a good amount of people to attend, with interactive displays, and helpful advice present (plus, it’ll be held in a pub!)

    I’m working closely with West Oxfordshire District Council to offer light-touch help/advice/assistance as required for community groups on this Thermal Imaging Project, so will gladly assist the Sustainable Witney group where I can. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, and good luck with the project!

    • J-P says:

      Thanks for the offer, Dale! I’ll let Brigitte know.

      It would also be good to get feedback on how the public meeting goes, as it would be good for us to organize something similar.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Thank you Dale – we’re still not sure when we get the camera but will certainly contact you when we do for your help and expertise.

  3. Brigitte says:

    We’ve just been informed we have the camera in October 2012.

  4. dalehoyland says:

    I’m looking to run a Thermal Imaging Project training session in September (either 19th or 21st provisionally penciled in – which would be best for Sustainable Witney? Daytime or evening?)

    This should be well timed, if you’re receiving the camera in October… Unfortunately, by the time the project gets going, free insulation will be a thing of the past (due to CERT funding coming to an end in October, bringing an end to Cocoon Free), so I’ll probably include an overview of Green Deal in the update session, plus, I’m tasked with producing an update to our EasySave booklet to reflect the changing landscape of getting energy efficiency measures installed in homes… Watch this space!


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