Cogges Link Road inquiry: day 8

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This took place on Wednesday 5th October and opened by continuing the case for the non-statutory objectors.

Steven Fletcher, lifelong Witney resident and Witney Fire Officer for 30 years, gave his objections. He said that Bridge Street is suffering too much traffic and that HGVs are causing the old buildings to vibrate. Mr Fletcher believes that the proposed Bridge Street traffic lights will exacerbate the problem by causing more stationery traffic and increasing pollution. He said that Shores Green would be a better option for reducing the amount of through traffic using Bridge Street.

The planning inspector dealt with some housekeeping business. Oxfordshire County Council had submitted new documents (numbered OCC36 to OCC40) and the inspector mentioned considering adjourning the inquiry to a later date in light of all the new submissions which have to be made publicly available.

The case for the statutory objectors resumed.

Mark Lowe QC, lawyer for the Mawle Trust, said that new document OCC40 contained highway changes that should be looked at, including replacing the proposed T-junction between the CLR and Cogges Hill Road with a roundabout.

Then Colin Goodrum, landscape expert, gave evidence. He criticised the negative visual impact that the Cogges Link Road would have on its surrounding landscape and added that the county council is not proposing sufficient measures in mitigation of this.

David Holgate QC, lawyer for the county council, then cross-examined Mr Goodrum. Key points from the cross-examination:

  • Mr Goodrum’s professional opinion is that the impact of lighting at the proposed Shores Green roundabout would not be significant.
  • Mr Goodrum also believes that views along the Windrush valley are important and will be affected by the CLR.

Mr Lowe then re-examined Mr Goodrum to clarify that the visual impact of the Shores Green alternative had been assessed along with the visual impact of the proposed CLR.


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