Minerals Plan Consultation – Stanton Harcourt

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Public Meeting, Wed 28th September 2011 7.30 pm Stanton Harcourt Village Hall to discuss the consultation policy document.


Oxfordshire County Council is holding the final consultation for the Minerals and Waste Core Strategy Policy up to 2030, which can be reviewed on www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/mineralsandwaste.

The proposed policy affects the Lower Evenlode and Lower Windrush Valley in that some 80 per cent plus of the presumed need for gravel- 20.2 million tonnes of sharp sand and gravel over the period- will be south of the Thames at such as Didcot, Grove and Harwell while more than 85 per cent of the excavation is planned north of the Thames in this area. With Newbridge being closed to HGVs with a carrying capacity of more than 18 Tonnes, it might be thought it was more appropriate to dig the majority of the gravel needed, near to where it is to be used. If one adds to the traffic problems, which currently exist on the A40 today, the onus of 700,000 additional movements in the period (transporting gravel), access to our area may become very difficult indeed.

The recent announcement of a new Science Park at Harwell accentuates the sanity of digging much more in the South, especially as this area has been allocated extra infrastructure grants of some £6.5million for a new southern ring road.

A meeting is being held to discuss this final consultation policy on Wednesday September 28th 7.30pm at Stanton Harcourt Village Hall, where your views will be welcomed.

Charles Mathew charles.mathew@oxfordshire.gov.uk

Ian Hudspeth ian.hudspeth@oxfordshire.gov.uk


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