Swap shop this Saturday, Corn Exchange

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Witney’s Corn Exchange plays host once more to the Green Cafe and Swap Shop, this Saturday 3 September in the Corn Exchange. The Green Cafe will be stocked with fairtrade tea and coffee, home-made cakes, and rolls made with home-baked bread.

The idea of a swap shop is that we want to minimize the amount of stuff that might otherwise go to landfill. So you should bring anything you think someone might use, but which charity shops probably wouldn’t accept! Also, anyone can take anything away that they want. There’s no obligation to bring before you take, although if you’re taking a lot of items we’d appreciate a donation to running costs.

Last time we ran a swap shop it was a tremendous success. We had over 300 visitors, and we processed half a ton of swaps. Of all the donations made to the swap shop, over 97% of the goods were passed on, with only 12.5kg or 2.5% going to landfill.

If you want to empty out your loft or garage, and donate to a good cause; or if you’re looking for a few odds and ends to help with home storage or a DIY job, or even toys for the kids; or if you’re just after a good fairtrade cuppa while you shop, then you should come to the Green Cafe and Swap Shop this Saturday in Witney’s Corn Exchange. Bring 9am-11am; take 10am-12 noon; food and drink 9am-1pm.


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