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February 27th, 2011 by Kevin Leave a reply »

Yesterday’s meeting of the Edible Gardens group was a timely reminder that we’re getting very close to all systems go in the garden and on the allotment. And while the grown-ups were busy talking vegetables, the children worked on the marketing.

Looking at my notebook it went something like this…

  • A recap of last year: the general failure of purple sprouting brocolli, even among commercial growers; how fallen leaves made an ideal packing for storing carrots; a successful harvest of chickpeas and how to use them.
  • Work over the winter: collecting eggshells as a slug deterrent; a local source of free woodchips for making mud free paths through vegetable beds; making frames for netting from canes and tennis balls.
  • Where each of us are at the moment – mostly garlic and onions with some cabbage. And then what we’re planning for this year, with one member venturing into sugar beet.

Looking outwards…

  • The group is working with The Elms Health and Wellbeing Centre on Moorland Road to offer gardening as an activity for wheelchair users – volunteers required.
  • There’s general interest in what’s going on over at Cogges Farm Museum which we understand could be a focal point for sustainable food in the town.
  • A decision to stay abreast of what might be happening in the local food thread of “Sustainable Lifestyles”, an initiative between community groups, the Wychwood Project and WODC.

It’s surprising what you pick up and learn from talking about other people’s gardens and allotments, not to mention the support, encouragement and a seed swap. Time to get propagating!


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