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We now have a year’s worth of actual data on The Carbon Account. It’s not as detailed as it could be because I’ve had some long periods where I’ve forgotten to read the meters – I kicked myself last week when I found the email reminder option! But anyway, we have the year covered even if it is a little coarse.

We’ve insulated the loft but there are plenty of other things we can do in the coming year to reduce our domestic energy consumption, cutting our regular bills as well as our carbon emissions. It’s a process known as eco-renovation or ecovation.

One of the things the Carbon Account has highlighted is the amount of gas that gets used when we’re away even though both the central heating and the water heating are completely turned off. It’s all down to a greedy pilot light in our 15 year old boiler. A good reason in itself to move to a more efficient one.

We’ll be looking into solar hot water too before deciding what type of boiler to get. That will qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive due out in June this year, as will a woodburner to heat our main living room. Once we had thermostats fitted to all the radiators we got used to heating just that room most of the time so a woodburner would be an option to reduce our reliance on gas.

That should be enough to be going on with. Oh! Almost forgot. Solar PV – the only decent financial investment for non bankers at the moment, if you have the funds. How much we can fit on the roof will depend on those funds and the space taken up by the Solar Hot Water panel.

It’s all inter-linked but I’ll be trying to cover each topic seperately and if it all goes to plan we should see the difference in our carbon account, and our bank account, next year. Or if you want to research it now try this…


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