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So where did it all begin? Was it when the ink pen started taking cartridges? When it was replaced by the Bic biro? Was it the disposable razor?

Somewhere along the line food became disposable too. Click on this Love Food Hate Waste logo on the left to turn that around…





  1. Sally says:

    I think it started in the 1960’s myself, supermarkets started then – food got cheaper, we got more affluent. I was a child growing up then. When I was very young we used to have left overs from the Sunday Roast made into something else on Monday’s & Tuesdays – by the end of the decade we were eating shop bought pizza!
    Cost of food in the UK in 2008 was, as a percentage of income, the lowest that it’s ever been in history 10%, I believe. Yet worldwide 15 million children each year die of hunger, one person every 3.6 seconds. Total madness!

  2. Brigitte says:

    I think a lot of people have never been taught how to cook and therefore don’t know how to use up leftovers. There is also the problem that many people don’t have enough time and want to get food onto the table quickly often cooking too much.

    We buy into the five a day fruit and veg initiaitve but although it’s bought it remains in the fruit bowl or in the lonely salad drawer in the fridge.

    We have also been told that the weekly shop saves us time and money and that is a huge source of waste. I know that when I shopped weekly I would buy far too much, forget to use it or decide halfway through the week that I would eat out and not use the food I’d bought.

    When I stopped shopping weekly and shopped every couple of days I found it didn’t take more time or cost more money and it is not often I throw food out.

    The new food bins may shock a fair few with how much food they actually waste – here’s hoping anyway.

  3. Kevin says:

    Not being able to cook is more of an effect than a cause I think. And getting celebrity chefs to make cooking a cool thing to do has limited effect – mostly it’s just entertainment on the TV while munching through a ready meal.

    Of course fast food or pre-prepared food makes sense on occasion, the problem is it becomes the norm. Largely, I suspect, because supermarkets make more money out of the ‘value added’.

    I think Sally’s point about cost is a key one. When the price of something reduces we value it less. Now there’s an off the wall statement! For the majority, binning food doesn’t hurt the pocket enough to prevent it happening. The response? Spend loads of money to educate people that it’s a bad thing.

    I think the LFHW marketing is excellent – but I can’t get over how back to front the whole situation is. I wouldn’t be surprised if a large chain supermarket is donating its profits from 2 for 1 offers to fund it!

    I’m definitely gonna try the Soft Broccoli tip… “If your broccoli’s a bit soft cut a thick slice off the bottom of the stalk, put into a glass with water and leave in the fridge overnight to crisp up.”

  4. Sally says:

    I agree that the new food waste boxes will be a wake-up call for many. I started using mine a couple of weeks ago – proud to announce only filled one bag so far, although ashamed about the 2 corn on cobs I had to throw out.
    The cookery programmes on TV have a lot to answer for. They sometimes encourage us to buy out of season food, or buy an unusual ingredient that we use a small amount of & the rest stays in the cupboard until the use by day expires.
    Another factor is that over the past few years we’ve become concerned about additives in our food, many store cupboard items have much shorter shelf life because they don’t contain preservatives like they used to. Use by & best before dates have snowballed as well – many products have much longer useful life than the date indicates.
    My tip is to use your freezer as much as possible. Leftovers from many meals such as chilli, bolognaise sauce, pizza, lasagne freeze well & can be reheated sometime later for a quick convenience microwave meal, without the packaging.

  5. Kevin says:

    The council’s new waste collection arrangements was on BBC South this evening. Great piece.

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