Cycle Sculpture

September 28th, 2010 by Kevin Leave a reply »

Voted at the last BUG meeting to be the single most significant contribution to cycling in Witney this year, the new cycle parking at the Woolgate is a big hit with bicycle users visiting the centre.

Not just because of the upgrade to ‘proper’ cycle stands, nor simply because of the increase in parking capacity, but also because it looks and feels like we really do give a damn about cycling in Witney.

Artist blacksmith Alan Evans manufactured the stands at his forge in Whiteway, Stroud, and helped to install them too. You can see more examples of his creative, functional sculpture in his gallery.

For such a significant improvement at the Woolgate, WitneyBUG extends its thanks to all those involved at USS Ltd, West Oxon District Council, and of course Alan Evans, for enhancing our cycling culture in Witney.

On the technical side, an anomaly in published design guidelines for cycle parking has come to light. Current guidance such as the DfT’s Cycle Infrastructure Design advocates a recommended spacing between stands of 1.2m, with a minimum of 1.0m, to make them easily accessible. However the architects’ Metric Handbook, the resource used for ‘off-carriageway’ design and for this project, recommends a considerably tighter spacing of 0.8m. The mismatch is being taken up with the publisher.



  1. Sally says:

    I like the fact that something that has been so functionally successful is also an attractive feature in it’s own right.

    What are the made of?

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