Baby and Bathwater?

July 21st, 2010 by Sustainable Witney Leave a reply »

Or is there simply no place for a commission that openly questioned unfettered growth? We couldn’t really let this pass unnoticed, the Sustainable Development Commission is after all a national body with a similar purpose to our own…

A letter to your MP?

In the engineering world everyone’s familiar with the cartoon showing designer, project manager and customer sat around the table discussing the product spec. They’re all nodding away in agreement while their thought bubbles show completely different interpretations of the product.

Perhaps some “SUSTAINABLE” flashcards and a cartoonist would be enlightening…



  1. Kate Griffin says:

    I’ve never seen the cartoon – is it on the web anywhere?

  2. Sustainable Witney says:

    “I’ve never seen the cartoon”
    You’re not an engineer 😮

    “is it on the web anywhere?”
    Can’t find it but this is in a similar vein:

  3. Brigitte says:

    We are overloaded with what is happening, I can’t keep up and with many hats to wear I wonder which cut I should be most concerned about. I feel we are part of a large school project which is not monitored. How does cutting the watchdog fit in with the Sustainable Living consultations we have just taken part in?

  4. Sustainable Witney says:

    And just to wrap this one up, a last word from George Monbiot…

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