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July 16th, 2010 by Sustainable Witney Leave a reply »

Finally some good news from the Gulf of Mexico – BP have managed to stem the flow of oil for the first time. It’s not clear if it’s a permanent solution yet, but if it is then a line can drawn on the balance sheet and the total cost calculated.

The Greenpeace alternative logo competition is open for voting. Sustainable Witney didn’t submit an entry in the competition, but should we have?

Has the situation in the gulf got anything to do with us?

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  1. Sally says:

    Well yes loads to do with us!
    Apart from the more obvious points surrounding our dependence on oil in both our day-to-day lives & our apparent “need” for big multi-nationals to be financially successful.
    One issue not discussed so widely is how many UK pensions funds are invested in BP. It’s often easy to feel fairly powerless in the face of Govt policies & multi-nationals, but we can all put pressure on our pension funds to look at the ethics of who they invest with. I’m a great believer in consumer power, if you have doubts that it works – you only to have look at the amount of effort put into brand image and greenwash to know that companies know that many consumers makes purchasing & investment decisions based on the perceived values behind the product.

  2. What occurs to me is that whilst we are all guilty of ‘feeding the beast’, so to speak, we have been taught and encouraged to do this all our lives. There is always a newer, more sparkly, ‘must have’ piece of tat being thrust at us, with the insistence that we must buy it in order to make our lives complete.

    Even if the product is ‘green’, we cannot save the world by Correct Shopping, but maybe by not buying all that tat we can start to make a small difference.

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