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July 13th, 2010 by Sustainable Witney Leave a reply »

Nothing on electricity for ages and then two companies turn up at once!

Rob the Meter Reader worked with the Challenge North Leigh project that successfully reduced the village’s electricity consumption by over 10%.

Following that success Southern Electric have decided to base Rob in Witney to give impartial advice on reducing electricity bills, and hence emissions, to anyone that wants it – not just Southern Electric customers.

We’re not sure exactly where Rob’s drop-in advice centre will be yet – we’ll post that as soon as we know – in the meantime you can contact Rob by telephone or email…

T: 08450 760528        M: 07747 559330        E:

There’s no plan at present to set a target of reducing Witney’s electricity consumption by 10%, but it seems a logical next step. What do you think? Is it achievable? Is it a challenge you would accept in your home/office?


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