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(Make a note of this code: SUSW1)

Are you considering switching your Energy Supplier to one with a green tariff? Or starting to wonder whether your existing supplier is really as “Green” as you thought it was?

From my own research, one of the best suppliers is Ecotricity, who are based in Stroud. See Kate’s earlier blog about her experience of switching to them. Many other suppliers offer a green tariff option but are also still heavily involved with dirtier methods of energy development & production in the main parts of their business. So for my money, Ecotricity offers not only a competitive & green tariff but, perhaps more importantly, their supply business is focussed solely on developing renewable sources of energy.

They currently offer 2 different tariff options:

•  On the New Energy tariff they promise to match the standard price of your existing regional supplier. All the green energy in this tariff is from their own wind turbines – this year it’s 46% – rising at about 10% per year. For every £ you spend with them through your electricity bill they invest another £ building new sources of green energy.

•  The New Energy Plus tariff. As well sourcing 46% (& rising) from their own wind turbines, and the same £ for every £ you spend being invested in new sources of green energy, it also supplies the remaining balance from renewable sources provided by other suppliers which makes this a 100% green tariff. The existing green energy they top up with is still a fairly scarce resource though and other suppliers charge extra, so they charge a small premium of 0.5p per kilowatt hour – which is about £20 a year extra for a typical household.

They are also the first (& currently only) supplier to offer a true Green Gas option. Some other suppliers offer a carbon offsetting scheme on gas but Ecotricity are investing in anaerobic digestion of biomass producing biogas & future technologies to support biogas production.

If you do decide to switch use this link or call 08000 302 302. If you quote SUSW1 or Sustainable Witney we will get a £35 donation from Ecotricity to help us with some of the initiatives we are supporting locally.

Let us know how you get on.  I’m switching tomorrow!


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