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April 21st, 2010 by Kevin Leave a reply »

Whichever political party wins the election cycling needs political support to improve the lot of the humble bicycle user.

CTC have written a Bike Manifesto.

You can help impress on the parliamentary candidates the importance of improving cycling conditions, so that it can become a real transport choice in people’s everyday lives, by following this link.

Fill in the details and all the candidates will receive a letter by email from you asking them to sign up to the Bike Manifesto.

Only a handful of people in our constituency have done so to date, so please, let the politicians know what you want and Vote Bike!


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  1. Sustainable Witney says:

    2,147 cyclists took part in the Vote Bike campaign. 690 candidates signed up to the Manifesto.

    86 of the MPs elected signed up to the Vote Bike Manifesto.

    4 are Conservatives
    27 are Liberal Democrats
    52 are Labour
    1 each is Green, SNP and DUP

    Witney’s cycling MP did not.

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