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Living Streets met with representatives of Oxfordshire County Council on Welch Way this morning to discuss the missing crossing. Prior to Welch Way being closed at the start of building work, a pelican crossing existed opposite what is now the entrance to the new shopping centre. On completion of the work the crossing had vanished.

Picture from original Witney Gazette article

Steve Howell, Head of Transport, and Rodney Rose, Cabinet Member for Transport Implementation, announced to welcome ears that the decision has been taken to introduce a zebra crossing. The crossing will be installed during the next financial year but a firmer date could not be given at this time. Regrettably for the council the crossing should have been reinstated during the planning stage following changes to the original submission, now unfortunately the council are having to pick up the bill rather than the developer.

It was also pointed out by Living Streets that Welch Way would benefit from a 20mph limit and the opportunity was taken to discuss the introduction of 20mph in Witney as a whole. Apparently towns and villages all across Oxfordshire are asking the very same question but Rodney Rose stated that 20mph would not be rolled out across the county until a review of the scheme implemented in Oxford had been held. Councillor Rose could not be pinned down to a date for this other than an approximate timescale of two years.

Living Streets will be meeting again with OCC to discuss solutions for other parts of the town. In the meantime a petition is being raised in support of 20mph where people live.



  1. Richard says:

    Well done guys! Shame that they couldn’t be pinned down on a date… Lets just hope that within the next financial year is not too late.

  2. Sally says:

    Well done to everyone involved. The discussions on 20mph limits sound promising too.
    Sorry to raise another idea – but would it be possible to get some specific “warning pedestrians signage” up while we’re waiting for the crossing if it’s going to be late in the financial year?

  3. Kevin says:

    To give them their due I think as soon as they realised what had happened they were in favour of reintroducing the crossing. It came up at the Traffic Advisory Committee in January where a WODC officer said they were discussing the zebra then. Unfortunately the whole process takes longer than we’d like – publicity and demonstrating how strongly the town feels about it can only help though.

    On the beware pedestrians sign – not sure if they’d go for that. They might burn off the white line though, that’s relatively cheap and simple and would make the road more in keeping with the pedestrianised feel of the area.

  4. Sustainable Witney says:

    Crikey! Front page news…

    Remember folks – you read it here first 😮

  5. Miranda says:

    Good stuff.

    Read the article and the comments were interesting – ‘yet more grief for the driver’. Yes, Witney is busy but if I’m driving, I have absolutely no problem with stopping at crossings, whether they’re official or not.

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