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January Update

January 25th, 2010

We had our brainstorm meeting a little over a week ago on 16 Jan and here are some of the outcomes.

  • Being a part of Sustainable Witney is now FREE, however donations are (and have been) very gratefully received. To join click on the “Register” link above – do all rush at once, it’s very simple.
  • There are two committee personnel changes to report. We welcome onto the committee Sally Lee, a member of the Fair Trade Action Group, and we say farewell to Richard MacKenzie, a founding member, who has stepped down to free up time for another project.
  • That has also triggered a move to this alternative style of website, something my more limited internet skills can cope with – whether or not I’m up to it only time will tell!
  • Organised by Jonathan, the first monthly Sustainable Witney Social Evening takes place at the Plough on Wednesday 3 Feb – see “Upcoming Events” on the right. Come along and meet us for a chat.
  • Brigitte is arranging quarterly talks in the Corn Exchange beginning in May, keep an eye on the list of events.

We have other irons in the fire, to be beaten into shape as we go – watch this space!

Low Energy Cooking

January 21st, 2010

I have often thought about the amount of time I have my oven on slowcooking casseroles and what I would do in the event of a powercut if I didn’t want to just heat up soup. When we camp we use a meths stove and a pot cosy to cook rice and pasta – the pot cosy is home made to match the pot from a foil covered bubble wrap material. It saves fuel because once the water and rice/pasta has been brought to the boil the stove is turned off and the pot is placed in the pot cosy which insulates it and keeps it cooking.

For some time now I have wanted to use this idea at home but often with three of us to feed I needed something on a larger scale but not being too good on the making of boxes etc I put it on the back burner, excuse the pun. However, this morning I was watching The Wartime Kitchen and Garden on the telly and the cook was using a Hay Box, I remembered my late granny talking about these and it appears it is a very efficient form of slow cooking. There are a number of sites with more information and I am going to experiment in the next few weeks with some of the methods. Here’s a video and some links:-

Where’s Our Crossing?

January 11th, 2010

The Witney Branch of Living Streets are lobbying the County Council for a pedestrian friendly crossing in Welch Way. Here’s the report in the Witney Gazette.